Velvet Frogg (velvetfrogg) wrote in tivolovers,
Velvet Frogg

Fiber optic TV and TiVo.

I just found out that the tv service I was having installed is fiber optic tv and that TiVo doesn't work with it. I have a few questions for this community about what my possibilities are.

I have an old tv that would need a convertor box and the new digital rabbit ear antennas and I tried hooking up those 3 things to my series 2 TiVo. But it wasn't ideal for TV watching in the end.

So my dad bought me a premiere for Christmas. From what I understand I won't need the convertor box with that TiVo right? And I will still need my rabbit ears right? So TiVo, TV and rabbit ears right?

My other questions are about a slingbox. If I get one of those, how does it work? My mom has cable tv and Internet and a spare tv and said I can hook everything up there if I want. So would I have the slingbox and TiVo hooked up at her house and then I control everything from my house through my computer?

Also between the TiVo series 2 and the premiere what are the advantages? I don't have an HD TV so I wouldn't need that. I ask because the series 2 has lifetime service and the premiere doesn't have any service and if it would do the same thing for me then I would use the series 2 at my moms for the lifetime service. And then sadly let my premiere box collect dust until we move out of this stupid house in the boonies.

Once our Internet is working again today I do plan on hooking the premiere up with to the tv and rabbit ears and at least see what the quality of the channels are. If everything works I would monthly on it!

Oh. I just had an idea. If the premiere does work then I could still hook up the series 2 at my moms and get the cable channel tv shows.

Thank you in advance for any help/insight you guys can give. I know this was long and I'm sorry!

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