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Woot! – TiVo Premiere DVR Just $44.99

TiVo Premiere Today’s Woot! offer is a great deal on a refurbished TiVo Premiere DVR, model TCD746320 – only $44.99 + $5 S&H. This is the 320GB version of the TiVo Premiere, capable of holding up to 45 hours of HD recordings. The Premiere is the latest model in TiVo’s lineup and it has the most features. A TiVo subscription is required to activate the unit – either the $14.99 monthly plan ($12.99 for existing TiVo subscribers) or the $499 product lifetime service ($399 for existing TiVo subscribers). As I’ve said many times, the lifetime plan is the best value.

The Premiere works with antenna, analog & digital cable, and Verizon FiOS. It also supports a number of broadband content services: Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Music Choice, YouTube, Pandora, Rhapsody, Live365, and web videos from a variety of sources such as CNET & Revision3. Stream music from your PC. View photos from your PC, or online via Picasa & Photobucket. You can control the unit via free apps for iOS & Android. Schedule recordings online via TiVo’s website.

Transfer recordings to your PC via TiVo Desktop, or a Mac with Roxio’s Toast or Popcorn. You can also move content to & from the unit, or stream video to the TiVo using third party applications like kmttg, Streambaby, or pyTiVo. And if you’re a Comcast customer, the TiVo Premiere is receiving XFINITY On Demand support. It is available now in the SF Bay Area and coming soon to Boston, with other service areas to come.

There is a reason TiVo is still the gold standard for DVRs, and this is a good deal on the current model.

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