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New DirecTiVo THR22 Widely Available

DirecTV THR22 DirecTiVo This bit of news broke while I was off on my honeymoon and if this is something you were waiting for your probably already aware of this. While WeaKnees had expected the DirecTiVo to release wide around 1/30, they weren’t off by much. The new TiVo HD DVR from DIRECTV THR22, aka DirecTiVo, officially hit wide release on Thursday 2/9 – though it showed up at a few resellers in the days before the official release.

The THR22 initially launched back on 12/8, but only in limited markets and it was only available directly from DirecTV. Now it is available nationwide from resellers as well as DirecTV. Which also means the super-sized units are available through WeaKnees.

While the THR22 lacks many of the features of the current DirecTV DVRs, if you prefer the TiVo interface it is the only game in town for DirecTV. And that’s enough for some users.

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