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Comcast TiVo Heading To The Windy City, With A New Commercial
Despite some ongoing issues, it looks like the Comcast TiVo software is heading to Chicago. Dave Zatz over at Zatz Not Funny caught this in Comcast's earnings call today:
We are rolling out TiVo beyond the Boston market test, where things are going quite well and we are going to be introducing other cities, probably starting with Chicago in the first quarter next year
This isn't too surprising as Chicago is one of two cities where Comcast has rolled out tru2way support (the other being Denver - maybe they'll be next?), and, as Light Reading's Cable Digital News points out, it is another territory where Comcast uses Motorola hardware. Still no word on when Comcast and TiVo will complete the work to being the software to Cisco/Scientific Atlanta DVRs.

Comcast is also running a new TV spot to advertise the TiVo software:

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