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TiVo In The Press

The LA Times caught up with TiVo CEO Tom Rogers at CES for an interview. They've posted an MP3 audio file of part of the interview as well as an article which summarizes some of the specific points raised. They talked mainly of TiVo's efforts to evolve with the market and their efforts to become a media access hub for the living room.

Today's USA Today also has an article on TiVo. This one focuses on the Comcast roll-out of the TiVo OCAP/Tru2Way software. While it doesn't really cover anything readers of this blog wouldn't have already seen, it is nice to see the software getting some national press. It does state that Comcast will begin marketing the software on Tuesday. Since they have previously marketed it to their users, perhaps it means there will be a broader marketing push. It is good press for TiVo.
Tags: comcast, la times, ocap, tru2way, usa today

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