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TiVo Finally Available At Retail In Canada

It has been over two years since TiVo began supporting Canadian users. However, TiVo has never had a retail presence in Canada. Canadian users have had to purchase TiVo from US retailers, or from online vendors such as The PVR Source or PVR Canada. So Canadian support has been somewhat under the radar, I've regularly seen Canadian bloggers lamenting TiVo's lack of support in Canada, and they're invariably surprised when I tell them that TiVo does work in Canada.

Well, that's finally changing - TiVo is coming to retail outlets in Canada, just in time for the holidays.
The TiVo Series2 DT DVR will be available in early December at major Canadian retailers including Best Buy, The Brick, London Drug and Future Shop for just $199 CAD MSRP plus standard TiVo subscription fees. TiVo will not be available in Quebec immediately. For more information on TiVo in Canada visit
It is only the TiVo Series2DT - no TiVo Series3 or TiVo HD, as CableCARD is not supported in Canada. Though, as Canada does use ATSC for broadcast HDTV, TiVo could support the S3/HD for OTA HDTV and any clear QAM channels on digital cable. It would be nice if they would - today guide data support for that is incomplete. See the press release for more info.
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