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Transfer lifetime to a new TiVo HD for $199

TiVo just launched a new offer for transferring lifetime subscriptions to a new TiVo HD for a $199 fee. And, as with the old Series3 transfer offer, the old box receives 12 months of service free, so you can keep it and use it in another room, etc.

However, as you might expect, there are restrictions. The major issues are:

  1. The TiVo HD must be purchased new from the special offer webpage for $299.99. If you already own a TiVo HD, or if you buy one from another vendor, you cannot use this offer.

  2. You can only transfer a lifetime subscription that was activated prior to October 1, 2003 and that has not been transferred to a new unit under previous offers (such as the offers to transfer to the S3 or S2DT). Why October 1, 2003? TiVo amortizes lifetime subscriptions over 4 years. Any lifetime subscription activated after then is still active on their books as revenue.

  3. You must purchase the TiVo HD between October 11, 2007 and November 8, 2007 and complete the transfer by December 8, 2007.

  4. The normal 30 day Money Back Guarantee does not apply to this offer. There are NO returns, refunds, or exchanges allowed in connection with this offer. So you'd better be sure you want to do this.

Read the full terms and conditions before taking this offer and be sure you understand them.

If you have an older unit with lifetime, and considering the date that would be a Series1 or an early Series2, this is a pretty good deal if you were thinking of making the jump to HD. Especially for those with the old S1 boxes.

And if you don't qualify for this, remember that you can get a TiVo HD from Amazon for $249 and if you have existing boxes with lifetime, or monthly, a new unit is eligible for MSD - $6 off the monthly rate, so as low as $6.95 a month. With the lower price on the HD and not paying the transfer fee, the $249.99 difference about pays for three years of monthly MSD service. Even if you retire the old box and can't get MSD, 3-years pre-paid is just $299, so an extra $49.01 would allow you to get a TiVo HD and 3-years of service. So consider your options well. But I know if I had an old Series1 with lifetime, I'd probably take this deal. My oldest lifetime is from February 5, 2004 - so I'm not eligible. (I've sold the boxes with lifetime I had from earlier.)

I picked this up from ZatzNotFunny.

EDIT: I see mhaithaca beat me to it.
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