Jennifer (artemis908) wrote in tivolovers,

Great customer service

I just wanted to share with everyone the exceptionally good service I recently received from a technical support person at TiVo.

I had recently been given a tv from a family member that although was older than the previous tv, was bigger, so I decided to hook all my electronics and cable up to this tv. Unfortunately, since the tv was old, it only had one input plug-in.

I am not terribly good with setting up electronics and not only did I have issues with setting up my TiVo, but I also had issues with setting up my DVD player and Playstation 2. Not only did the technical support person patiently help me hook up my TiVo, but he also helped me hook up my DVD player and Playstation 2 as well! He even helped me program my TiVo remote control too.

It saved me so much stress to have someone there to patiently help me and I made sure to take the survey after the TWO HOUR CALL so I could make sure tivo knew how good he was.

I would definitely recommend anyone who has TiVo problems to call TiVo up and get some help, even if it seems like the simplest task. It'll save you a lot of time and stress. :)
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