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NBC dumps iTunes for Unbox

NBC and Apple had a falling out last week over the pricing of NBC's content in the iTunes Music Store. NBC decided not to renew their contract with Apple, threatening to remove their content when it expired in September, apparently as a negotiating tactic. Apple decided to up the ante and immediately removed NBC's content from ITMS.

Well, NBC has found a new distribution partner for their content - Amazon Unbox. Starting Monday, September 10th, NBC shows such as The Office and Heroes will begin appearing for download via Unbox. There will also be free downloads of the pilot episodes for new series such as Bionic Woman and Chuck, before they air on the network. Going forward programs will be available on Unbox the day after they air.

It isn't mentioned specifically, but hopefully all of this new content will also be available via Unbox on TiVo. That would allow people who missed past episodes of programs such as Heroes to download old episodes and catch up before the new season. And if your TiVo ever missed an episode due to power outage, etc, you could grab the missing episode and watch it on the TV just like normal. Or if you only have N TiVo tuners and N+1 shows you want to record, you could download the NBC shows the next day.

Picked up from CNET
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