MegaZone (zonereyrie) wrote in tivolovers,

Series3 8.3.1 update trickling out

The release of 8.3.1 for the Series3 must be getting close, as Dave Zatz reports, 8.3.1 is starting to show up on Series3 boxes 'in the wild'. One of the things TiVo tends to do, just before starting the 'full release' is to send the new code to randomly selected boxes in the field as the final test before opening the gates. It is kind of like sending a scout out ahead of the rest of the group, that way if any gotchas are there, anything missed in testing, it doesn't catch everyone. It also serves as a test of the deployment servers before turning up the volume.

This is traditionally a sign that the full release is close.
Tags: series3, software, updates

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