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SlingPlayer Mobile for PalmOS Beta - Now Accepting Applications

See the details here. The beta program for the PalmOS SlingPlayer, first announced last month at CES, is now accepting applications.
- Slingbox (own any model)
- Treo 700p
- &/OR, we'll take a few people with any of these:
Treo 680, Palm TX, or Treo 650
- Unlimited data plan is a MUST
- No conflicts of interest
Note the Palm TX. People asked after CES if the client would work over WiFi on Palm PDAs, and not just on Treos. The answer - yes, but only unofficially. Official support is limited to the 700p using EV-DO, but unofficially it may work on other Palm devices.

Anyway, this was enough for me - I ordered my Slingbox Pro and HD Connect tonight, and filled out my beta application. While I was at it, I also syndicated some feeds from sling_articles, sling_beta, and sling_employee.
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