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Dave Zatz joins Sling Media

Dave emailed me to tell me last night, and I've been waiting for him to go public with the news - and he just did. Dave Zatz, of zatznotfunny, is joining Sling Media, the folks behind the Slingbox. He'll be an official presence on the Sling Community Forum as well as the primary point-of-contact for bloggers looking for info on Sling. And, as he says: As a blogger, I’m also hopeful you’ll see me heading up something, somewhere, at some point. In other words, I think we'll be seeing an corporate blog out of Sling. Which will hopefully be more active than the moribund TiVo Corporate Blog. (Really, TiVo, just take it down if it is never going to update.) will continue to exist independent of Sling Media, which I'm glad to hear.

I have to say, I'm jealous. It sounds like Dave has landed exactly the kind of position I've wanted to hold for some years now. I tried to interest TiVo in a similar gig a few times - an official blogosphere liaison and full-time, official online rep (TiVoPony, TiVoStephen, TiVoJerry, et al, do a great job, but they have other, primary, duties) - but no dice. (I suppose as long as I'm doing it for free.. ;-) ) Congrats Dave! It sounds like a great fit for you. And now I know whom to bug about Sling info. ;-) (So, buddy, about that SlingCatcher beta...)
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