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CES rumors: XBox 360 going DVR?

How's this for a chain? pvrwire is reporting that Gizmodo is reporting that Team Xbox is reporting that Dean Takahashi of the Mercury News leaked some details that weren't supposed to be announced before CES. The report is that an updated XBox 360 will be coming out with an integrated HDMI port and a 120GB hard drive. But, more to the point, it will support an IPTV service for video over broadband and DVR functionality. Microsoft developed the IPTV platform used by several providers around the world, so they have the resources to implement this in the 360. Unfortunately, all of this went down while I was on planes today and it looks like both the Mercury News and Team Xbox pulled their stories. Which lends some weight to the reports.

So, we'll see how much of this pans out over the next few days of announcements. Bill Gates does the opening keynote Sunday night, he may announce details there.
Tags: ces, ces2007, xbox 360
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