May 24th, 2012

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Boston TiVo Users Get Comcast XFINITY On Demand Next Week!

TiVo Central Comcast XFINITY On Demand I couldn’t get a date earlier this week at The Cable Show, but apparently Comcast knew and just wasn’t saying – Boston gets XFINITY On Demand next week. That means TiVo owners with Series4 Premiere models in Comcast’s Boston service area will be able to access XFINITY VOD content. We don’t know yet just how widespread this is since ‘Boston’ often includes surrounding areas like Cambridge, Arlington, etc. when corporations use it in this way. We’ll probably get more details next week when it launches. You can always check your zipcode or sign up to be notified when it is in your area at

For those who don’t know, Steve is TiVo’s Head of Corporate Communications. So this is an ‘official’ source who would know. I suspect Comcast didn’t announce this during The Cable Show because they wanted to keep the attention focused on their X1 product announcements.

Thanks to Brennok for the tip.

EDIT: I originally said ‘Monday’ since Brennok had used that in his comment and it wedged in my brain and when I read Steve’s ‘next week’ I think I mentally filled in ‘next Monday’. I replaced ‘Monday’ with ‘next week’ throughout the post to better reflect what Steve actually said.

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