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TiVo Lovers - More David Tennant For Virgin Media Collections, TiVo Doing Well In The UK
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More David Tennant For Virgin Media Collections, TiVo Doing Well In The UK

Virgin Media Logo Another ad has been released for Virgin Media’s recently launched Collections service offerings, featuring David Tennant as their spokesperson. This one focuses on the high-speed broadband offerings, but all of the Collections feature TiVo as well. Things are going very well indeed for the Virgin Media TiVo. From last quarter’s financial results, at the end of the quarter there were 677,100 VM subscribers with TiVo. That’s an increase of 242,000 subscribers during the quarter. TiVo is now used by 18% of their television subscriber base – and their pay TV user base grew by 50,600, largely on the back of TiVo.

And that was before the Collections service bundle promotions were offered, which kicked off with the current quarter. Virgin Media really seems to be the ideal TiVo would hope all of their MSO deals could be.

Here’s the new ad:

They also put out a shorter version of the previously released ‘Jellyfish’ ad, so I may as well share that while I’m at it:

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